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2015 Chardonnay - South Eastern Australia

Our White Wine is made from the finest grapes from South Eastern Australia, producing the best quality Wines for the most discerning tastes. Please serve this Chardonnay at 9 - 11°C for full flavour.

When we moved to Kenton Park Estate early in January of 2017, we were rudely awakened early every morning by the gang of male Pheasants that strut around the grounds rounding up not only the female Pheasants but also the Partridges. They all seem to live in harmony together however, the sound they make is incredibly distinctive and totally unique. It's impossible to replicate but it's a sound that is the very essence of Kenton Park Estate.

We have come to love these Pheasants who definitely seek sanctuary here and bed down every night up in our Willow Trees above the Lake. They can be hilarious to watch during the day as they chase each other and they all have their own individual names and characteristics.

Our imagination was encouraged to run wild and each Pheasant was captured in spirit as their individual characature & story was developed by the fabulous illustrator Bryn Parry (OBE) who we commissioned to create them incorporating his wicked sense of humour.

These illustrations led to the creation of our own Product range available here on the Estate whereby each of our Pheasant characters became "Brand Ambassadors" in their own right, starting of course with our own WINE, which stars "Flash" and "The Great Escape" as in true Steve McQueen style he escapes over the Wire fence on his Motorbike propelled by an exploding bottle of Fizz.


13.0% Vol

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