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Our Golden SPARKLING Cider is made only from the Apples grown here at Kenton Park Estate & fermented in our on-site Winery Building.The Pheasant illustration for HARD CORE Cider was created because of the many Pheasants living on the Estate. They all have their own humorous characteristics & have been chosen as the “Brand Ambassadors” for our Wines, Cider, Apple Juice, Coffee & also our Olive Oil, Honey, Fudge, Candles & Fragrance Collection.
“Remy” was chosen as the perfect character to represent the HARD CORE Cider Brand as he spends his days strutting around the Apple Orchard with more than one female Pheasant in pursuit & has a distinct dare-devilish air about him. Due to “Remy” being such a success as the “Face” of our First Cider Vintage, he will be joining the HARD CORE ADVENTURE TEAM on their Trail Blaze Motorbike Tour through South America as their Brand Mascot. Read more on our website.

500 ml

4% Vol

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